How I came to find my purpose

Ten years ago I felt flat, depressed and frustrated. I knew there was more to life – more I wanted to be doing, more I wanted to be contributing, more I wanted to be feeling. I wanted to live on purpose. I wanted to matter more. I couldn’t figure out what that meant or how […]

The Shift to Consciousness

  Can you feel the shift?   There is something profound happening right now in the world. I can only describe it as a deepening into the idea and feeling of coming home. We are like salmon coming home, upstream into the rivers of our origins. And we are deeply supported by life as we […]

Connect with Money: Free Meditation

I recommend that you listen to this post, rather than read it. Click here to listen. (7 minutes):   Who is Money?   We all grew up with stories about money. Stories like:   Money is hard to get. If you get it too easily you’re cheating somehow or taking advantage or just plain lazy. […]

What it Takes to Alter Yourself

Are you gnashing your teeth, trying to change or alter something?   Does it feel like you’re fighting yourself – and losing?   You probably are. Consider this:   The Equation of Change A person will not change or alter themselves as long as their perceived level of dissatisfaction is less than their perception of […]

Note to my Younger Self

To My Younger self: My good friend Debbie LaChusa has a birthday today, and as part of her birthday musings, she posed the question: What would I like to go back and tell my younger self? It felt so good to answer this question I decided to post my reply here, and then to ask […]

What is True Personal Freedom?

July 4, 2013 American Independence Day     What is True Personal freedom?     True Personal Freedom is being willing and able to show up completely as yourself, who you really are.   Which to me means: Being free of any thoughts that would have me deny who I really am, at a soul level. […]

Worry about what others think? Competence is key

My Dance with Competence   I am a competent person. And I would have said that I feel pretty much at peace with my basic competence.   Except for one thing: A few years back, when I was beginning to notice things with more awareness, I noticed a pattern that wasn’t serving me.   I […]

The Most Important Question

Every result you create in your life flows from the answer to this question. It's a question that you probably don't know you are asking, and which you are answering unconsciously all the time:   Do I care more about  what other people think, or about what I think? Do I care more about how […]


Will your Emergency to lead to Emergence?   I love it when I see a deeper meaning in words, and this morning’s addition to the elegance and truth in words was priceless.   I finally heard the word EMERGENCY in its true light. An emergency is when things get so bad that they just cannot […]

Living a fully connected and engaged life

What is a fully Connected and Engaged life?   Eight years ago I had a moment when I looked at my life and decided to make it different. I was deeply frustrated by what was happening – or more to the point, what was NOT happening. I knew I was “phoning it in” as they […]