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Reclaim Your Power

by Re-telling Your Story


Take control of the stories you tell yourself,
the core stories that have informed and created your life to now.

So you can breakthrough what’s holding you back,
live life on your own terms,
according to the sotry that works FOR you,
not against you.

Move into peaceful, confident, inspired action.


Here are some of my intentions for YOU to be able to make possible through this transformational series:

  • Let change be far easier.
  • Redirect your unconscious focus onto what is possible.
  • Get your inner saboteur on board
  • Feel light and full of possibility, like you are firing on all cylinders.
  • Know how to get out of the pit when you stumble
  • Tame the disempowering mental chatter.
  • Start and complete tasks that just were not happening before
  • Find yourself doing what needs to be done, being decisive, taking action readily, forgiving others, staying flexible and nimble in difficult situations.
  • Experience excitement and optimism around your goals, actually chomping at the bit to get out there.
  • Find laser clarity of focus – know what matters to you, and do it!

I SO look forward to having you on these calls!


My very best to you,


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