Following the Nudge Tribe

The awakening is here. The time is now. We are the ones.

Let's wake up together


Are You Tired of Fighting Your Way Through Life?


Are you exhausted by the endless struggle?

Do you drive yourself crazy, dithering on decisions and second guessing yourself?

Would you like to feel peaceful and centered, recovering more and more quickly each time you are knocked off balance by a hard moment?


The Old Paradigm


Through hundreds of years, the model in western cultures has been based on very self-willed, controlling energy. 

Push through obstacles, battle, overcome.

Struggle. Fight through. Tough it out.

As a woman (or a gentle man), you may have taken on this traditional model. But it's not your native way of operating, and you feel that in your bones. It is exhausting to struggle, to fight, to push and to endlessly battle through.


The New Model: Inspiration and Intuition


Are you ready, to the bottom of your soul, for things to be easier?

There is a huge, worldwide shift happening. The tipping point has come and we are moving quickly into a world in which our inner guidance is the most important thing. You can see it working in the world, more and more.

Perhaps you know what it feels like, when you are able to sense your next best move. When you feel and follow your intuition, and magic happens. 

You begin to follow your inspired thoughts, so you begin to love what you are doing, and you do what you love, more and more.

You shift to following your heart.


It feels like coming home.


There is a new – and very ancient – model of power re-emerging. The power of inspiration. The power of centered, grounded, conviction of the heart.

The clarity you will feel when you access this level inside is beyond any clarity that you will experience by just "figuring things out", or by analyzing situations.


Feel the Conviction of Your Heart


Conviction listens, considers, and moves forward in deep self-knowledge. Conviction knows itself, and follows its knowing.

You will notice that conviction has strong elements of

  • Courage
  • Clarity
  • Trust
  • Centeredness
  • Self-love
  • Acceptance
  • Love for the earth
  • Connection

Conviction is what you gain when you have full access to your intuition.


There is a clear path to come back home to your innate wisdom.


Stay in your Now Moment. Shift your focus to being present: listening, observing and appreciating rather than comparing and judging.

Unconscious alignment. Clear away any internal chatter that says you what you can’t do, be, or have.

Do the things that you feel inspired to do. Take inspired action on the wisdom you receive.

G  Go with it. Notice the shifts. Create a personal feedback loop to stay attuned to the changes that occur.  

E  Engage, Explore and exchange with others. Create a supportive community; find like-minded souls to share this grand adventure.


What would it feel like to be powerfully supported in moving into this new way of being?

Are you ready to:

  • Get good at making clear, grounded powerful decisions
  • Influence others powerfully
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Be magnetically attractive in your relationships
  • Be a strong and admired leader
  • Stay centered and grounded when things around you are spinning
  • Follow your own guidance with far more volition and clarity
  • Know your truth and speak your voice clearly and with authority.
  • Gain a powerful willingness to take inspired action
  • Experience the deep conviction that will both draw you and propel you forward toward what truly matters.


This is what the Following the Nudge Tribe is all about.

What if you had:

  • Deep, daily support to make this powerful shift?
  • Regular interactive connection to keep you energized, to remind you, when the illusion gets strong, and to give you specific tools to use as you go forward in your life?
  • A community of like-minded people who are on the same path and want to share it with you, support you and laugh and play with you?
  • Specific support to develop a powerful personal listening practice – whatever that turns out to be for you?
  • Training in basic skills such as dream interpretation, or communicating with your personal guides?
  • Getting so clear that you write a personal purpose statement that resonates through your entire being, and which provides a beautiful, compelling north star for your life?
  • Real-time hypnotic processes to release the old stories and baggage that have been holding you back?



Listen to yourself, stay in your inspiration, and develop a new core way of being.

Make the deep commitment to to stay in the conviction that ALL IS WELL.


Hear and follow your heart.


This is an invitation to change your life in the first three months of 2012


This is an invitation to a twelve week immersion program, in which you will be held in a supportive space in the most powerful way.

Here's what it will look like:


There will be one call each week, for twelve weeks, daily emails, a community of people just like you, and ongoing celebration of the great shifts.

Dates:  January 4 through March 21, 2012

Times: 1 PM Pacific, 2PM Mountain, 4PM Eastern, 9PM UK, 10PM South Africa, 10 AM Auckland, 8 AM Sydney/Melbourne

All calls will be recorded and downloadable, so you can hear them at any time, and refer back to them as often as you want.


The calls will cover:

1.    Introduction, setting your goal as a memory of the future
2.    Building the foundation: your individual listening practice
3.    Exploring the stories you live by: Your Personal Hero’s Journey
4.    A full body experience of deep self love and acceptance
5.    What are your dreams telling you?
6.    The art of deep manifesting: feeling the beauty, feeling the light.
7.    Channeling: building your personal committee
8.    Active Journaling as a way inside
9.    Trust, boundaries and mirrors
10.    Opening doors through an experience of deep forgiveness
11.    Your shining, beautiful purpose; your brilliant north star
12.    Outcome celebration

Since this will be an energy-led program, so the timing on these may shift as the program develops. I will be modeling how to follow the flow as it presents, just as I will be teaching you to do.


Additionally, there will be:

A daily email sent directly to you, to help provide encouragement and inspiration for you, in your personal practice.

An on-line community of like-minded people to share with

Many of these calls will include specific training, and you will receive all the support and materials necessary to incorporate that tool into your life. For any given training, this might include audio, video and/or downloadable pdf files.


What does your heart say?

If you're hearing a big YES!, please join us! Your community is waiting.


Pay in full: $447.00


If you want to set this up on payments, please e-mail for details.



Happiness Guarantee.

I believe in this work, I believe in my ability as a guide, and i believe in you.
If at any time over the course of this program you are not thrilled that you are in it, grateful beyond words that you decided to invest in yourself in this way, contact me personally and I will refund your money.



Those whose heart is called to this program will know.

I am VERY excited to work closely with you, if you are one of us!!


hugs and cheers,





Here’s what some of my clients have to say about our work together:


What can I say – this turned my life around…

I was feeling so desperate and I really thought at times that I was going crazy before working with Scout.  I felt so stuck.
Since I began working with Scout I have found a level of acceptance of myself that I have never experienced before.  I now have tools to use that help me get back on track whenever I need them.  She has helped me to remember what I already know deep inside of me – what is really true for me.  Scout is reliable and honest and caring and she knows how to really get to the core of whatever is holding you back from being your best and most beautiful self.
Scout, I will be grateful to you for all of my life – my wonderful life that lies ahead of me, about which I am now excited and inspired.
- Deborah Wilson, Geelong, Australia


I'm looking forward to the future…

Although I knew that I am very good at what I do, frustration and repeated disappointment had taken away the passion I used to feel for the transformation I help my clients to make.  I was afraid of everything.  I knew that this was coming over to potential clients because business coaches repeatedly told me so and my results reflected this. I just didn't know how or what to change.
My belief in myself and the transformational power of what I do has changed and I have been able to speak from the heart to prospective clients.  I know that I have already made a step change in how I feel about the possibilities that are flowing to me. I'm looking forward to the future.
Caroline Putus,  UK


I reconnected with a long ago Me and I’m happy to have her back!

I suffered a stroke, and took the message to be that if I didn't find a safe place in my spirit to handle the particulars of my life, I would most probably have another stroke at sometime into the future.
Scout guided me through a process meant to engage the unconscious, challenge the dogmas, and complete the experience with a more integrated, authentic, empowered self-identity to replace the old model. I feel like I’ve just reconnected with a long-ago Me, and I'm happy to have Her back.
- Martha Donnelly, Virginia, USA


Prepare for the best journey of your life…

I would tell anyone considering work with Scout to be prepared for the best journey of their life. I think of what I found as the inner diamond, the part that doesn’t change and can’t be destroyed. It’s an inner diamond. And it’s there. It’s there. You just have to find your way to it.
- Laura Routledge, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I was getting in my own way and didn’t even know how…

I was getting in my own way but I didn’t even know what I was doing to do that. Working with Scout helped me look at everything totally differently, like one of those light bulbs on top of my head. For me, it was a realization. I totally understand now how to create situations for myself where I can be most successful because I understand how I’m wired on the inside.
- Jill Lane, Texas, USA


I am so grateful that I will no longer be wasting my life on self-recrimination…

I first came to Scout because I was tired of beating myself up for any mistake that I made…now I find myself able to start new challenging projects that in the past I didn’t want to try because I might not complete them perfectly.  I heartily recommend working with Scout. Her kindness and enthusiasm for her work is a pleasure to work with. Even a century of life is short. I am so grateful that I will no longer be wasting mine on that self-recrimination.
Sarah Roubik, Hamilton, Montana. USA




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Clear the Doubt, Follow Your Heart