Healing Waters Retreat

Healing Waters Retreat, December 2011


Is it time for you to take back your life?


What most matters to you, and what are you doing about it?

Are you sick of watching yourself put off what really matters?


Do you ever think –
“I am so tired of doing this all alone. Where are my people? Where’s my circle?”


If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that you are far from alone. I am asking them because I hear them from my clients every day – and they have been MY questions too. They developed out of my own experience, going through just what you are going through now. These are the real questions, the biggest questions.

How do you want to view your life, when you come to the end?
Are you on your way there, or is it time to course correct?

Imagine knowing WHAT you want, and having the  conviction that you CAN have it, can be it, can do it, feel so clear and powerful that you just naturally take your next action.

So you DO what matters to you.
So you live, day to day, in the way you most want.
So you model what you truly believe in, for your kids, or for your community.

So you become, in a word, unstoppable.


From outside, other people will call it courage.

From inside – it doesn’t really feel like courage. It feels like peaceful congruence, and the natural flow of life.

It feels like doing the next thing toward what you want. When your clarity is so powerful and your conviction is so strong, that your motivation comes from a place of – well, of course. What else would I do, if this is what I want?

Return, reconnect, and reclaim yourself. Reclaim your life.

Don’t stop believing that you can live your life on your terms, make your choices, know and stand up for how you want your life to be.

Come with me to Ouray, Colorado
November 30 – December 4, 2011
to do just that.


In August of 2011 I had the joy and honor of returning to an exceptional place I had visited fifteen years ago.

I had the same experience this time as I did on my first visit. An unforgettable, surreal sense that the earth herself was speaking to me directly, asking the questions that really matter, in a profound and deeply loving way. So that I could not help but have the honest answers flow from my heart out into the world.

The place? A cavern deep underground, through which the waters of the earth pour, drain, flow, drip, and just float as vapor. The cavern is silent – if you are talking about human voices…but far from it when you listen to the water, and to the earth. The voice of the earth is powerful and clear.

My experience in this phenomenal place is to be taken deep inside myself, as I am sitting deep inside the earth, to be questioned in a deeply loving way about how I am living my life, what most matters to ME, and what I am doing about it.

As I sat there this time, it came crystal clear to me that because of what does matter most to me – helping people know what is in their heart, and do what it takes to follow it – I know what I am going to do next.

I am taking a small group to that cavern, where we will go inside the earth for each woman to ask and find answers to her own deepest questions. Then, outside the cave, I will take the group deep inside themselves to release the conditioning that stands in the way of hearing and living those answers.

We’ll toggle back and forth, between worlds. We’ll go into the cave mornings and evenings, and get more and more deeply in touch with what matters, then come back to the surface, and find out what’s in the way of living that – so we can clear the way to living in peace and courage.

In my work of leading women to confidence, clarity, peace and deep self-awareness, I know that my main role, using amazing tools of possibility, is to help clear away the conditioning that has been layered on over the years. All the “shoulds“, all the “who do you think you are’s” all the “but I can’t do that’s” …and sitting in this cave, feeling the opening in myself, it was crystal clear to me that the voice of the cave will provide the most exquisite possible entry into what truly matters.

In its own unique way, this time will carry some of the energy of a vision quest. We will be getting still, and asking nature and the earth to bring the wisdom.

The wisdom will be very clear, in the cave. Then, when you come out, the external voices will begin to return, those voices that tell you why you can’t possibly do the things you dream of. We’ll listen to them, those voices of fear and doubt, and disentangle them, unwind them, feel for what’s real, reach for what’s true.

There will be an enriching balance of solo time and group time, both in the cavern and outside; we will incorporate physical energy movement, art, journaling, singing, dancing. I will lead hypnotic sessions that will guide you deep into your own stories, beliefs, and values, so you can explore and release what is no longer serving you. So you can welcome and take in what will serve you, as you move into the next phase of your life.

Make no mistake – this will be a life changing retreat.

We will immerse in the energy from the moment we come together, and hold that energy through the entire time. Definitely plan to do any playing or shopping (it’s a really fun little town!) either before or after the retreat, because this is going to be a full-immersion experience for the time we are together.

Which does not mean it’s going to be harsh or hard work – quite the contrary.

Do you like to dance, play with colors, textures and images, relax and let your creativity bubble up? This will be the place for you!

My absolute knowing around this work is that the more easy, playful, relaxed and loving energy we create, the easier it is to release resistance, let go of the old beliefs and decisions about what is possible, so you can move gracefully and easily into the new patterns.

I designed this retreat very specifically for women who are struggling to keep believing in themselves and their dream. (yes, this is a women only retreat – guys, stay tuned, I’ll be offering open retreats later on) Women who have begun to step toward their dreams, make changes based on what they really want, but have had a setback. Women who began to believe in themselves, believe there’s more…but now, for one reason or another, are saying –

Maybe they were right.
Maybe I don’t have what it takes.
Maybe I was kidding myself.
Maybe I was crazy.
Maybe I’m not as big as I thought.
Maybe it’s too much.
Maybe they were right.

I am here to say – they were NOT right. Don’t give up. Come to the cave. Get back in touch.

Know this – the closer you get to the more important things in life, the things that matter, the harder it is to sustain belief. The stakes are higher, you’re risking your heart, after all. It can get harder and harder, especially when you feel alone, to stay the course. It’s just like hitting the wall, when you run a marathon.

And – I’ll share a crazy little secret. It is very very common for women who offer some sort of service, or healing, to hit a wall that in theory, their own system should be able to get them past. ARGH! Talk about a double whammy – now there’s a way to start some self doubt…“If my stuff is so good,  if it really works, why am I in this place?”

Well, it’s because you can help everyone else, but almost no one can completely help themselves, all by themselves. It’s why we operate in community, it’s why we share, it’s the juice of life. But when you’re in that place, I know – it is almost a death knell to your self-belief. Your own stuff doesn’t work…what a blow. So – again, if you’re in that place, please know that you are not alone. Far from it.

Don’t stop believing. You’ve made a lot of changes. You started. You saw the possibility. Now it feels impossible…but wait! That doesn’t have to be the last word.

This is also for women who

  • Have started their own business, and are beginning to lose steam.
  • Who hear themselves putting things off, avoid things, feeling frustrated and stuck.
  • Who see themselves holding off until things are just perfect (this will make imperfect action SOOOOOO much easier)
  • Who can’t even say what it is they want. There’s just a feeling of – Surely, there’s more inside me. I KNOW there is. Why can’t I find it?


For women who have a big dream – and are watching themselves do everything but the things that will move it forward.


Women in these places need one thing, more than anything:

They need someone to see them, for who they really are.

To see their biggest self, their brilliance, their dream, and hold that possibility when they can’t quite see it for themselves. See it and hold it until they can step into it themselves. And then hold them in that space as they grow into it, until it fits like a glove.

That is what this retreat is about.


You will come away deeply grounded in who you are and what you are here to do, on the most profound level, with:

  • Your purpose statement. A deep and clear image and conviction of who you are and what is most important to you, what brings you joy, what your life is really about. This clarity creates a deep new sense of possibility, and opens doors which you may not have seen or considered within your reach, until now.
  • A plan of what is next for you,
  • Specific, powerful new energy tools and insights which you will be able to use in an ongoing basis, as you stretch and grow even more into the future,
  • Recorded inductions and meditations that you can listen to to deepen your experience long after this retreat,
  • A heart community of strong women, committed to supporting one another on the path forward, and
  • Three months of continued support as you grow with and integrate the vision you have seen and stepped into.









Ouray, Colorado in winter



Sometimes it helps to define who a retreat is not designed for:

  • If you are totally confident, totally in action, and not doubting yourself, or holding back, rock on!
  • If you never compare yourself to other people, and are happy in your own skin, satisfied with how you show up in the world…and you never stop yourself by saying “Oh, look at what all these other people are doing!”
  • If you’ve really handled the need to be perfect, and you’re doing the things you are inspired to do without worrying about getting them completely perfectly polished before you start them.
  • If you’re already very clear about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and moving forward at a pace that makes you happy.

I celebrate with you. Go forth and have a lot of fun!!! Promise to send postcards, OK?

Do you want to be part of a circle of powerful, connected women who will be there for you, and help you keep believing in yourself, as you help them?

Here are the details:

The group will be small – there will be eight participants altogether. We will meet in a house on the hot springs property, where we will share the experience, create meals, and hold one another in the space of deepening and growing.

Dates: Wednesday evening, Nov. 30, 2011 through Sunday early afternoon, Dec. 4, 2011
Location: Weisbaden Hot Springs Hotel, Ouray, Colorado
A few of us will be staying in the beautiful house where we will be meeting; the rest of the group will have rooms in the building where the vapor cave is located. Everything is right there on the property. We will take all our meals and have our meetings in the house.

Travel: It is easiest to fly to Montrose, Colorado, and catch a shuttle to Ouray (about 39 miles). I will be organizing a shuttle that will leave the Montrose airport at least twice Wednesday afternoon/evening. As people make their flight arrangements I will know better the timing on the shuttle.


The investment includes:

  • Retreat lodging, food, hot water/vapor cave access. The meals will be easy, fresh, healthy, and wonderful.  There will be plenty of snacks and drinks between meals, with everything designed to physically support the deep inner work we’ll be doing.
  • All associated training, energy sessions, and materials.
  • Three full months of follow-up group coaching and support to help you integrate what you discovered, and bring it into your life in a peaceful and powerful way, along with a coaching gym which you can call at any time with a specific question.


This is a program unlike any other. It combines the best aspects of my personal breakthrough sessions, integrative coaching and energy balancing. I will take you deep, hold space while you reclaim your true power, and create the community which will help support you to integrate that power back into your life and the world in your own best way. I am using my years of experience in this area to design the package in a way that I know it will give you what you need to take all this in and make it a part of your life.

The early-bird special,

and the best value for this life-changing retreat is


Click to take this option

As an option to make it as easy as possible for you, for a limited time I am offering a five-pay option, for the much lower monthly charge of only


Click here for this option

Billed monthly for five months.

How much longer are you willing to wait?

You can say no to this offer. You can say – I can’t afford it. I would say – can you afford not to? Only you know. What is your life worth?

You can say – I don’t really know this can work for me…after all, I’m  ________. (fill in the blank with whatever your favorite way of holding yourself back is.) I would love to help you question that belief.

You can say – Is it too late? Maybe I’m too old…and I say – you know how old you’re going to be in five years if you don’t do this? The exact same age as you will be if you do.

What will happen, where will you be, if you DON’T do this?

What will happen to your dream, and the people you may have helped? The difference you may have made? What will happen to your children, as they watch you talk a good line but not really take the steps that make it happen? They hear you say you’re worth it – but then they see you not invest in yourself. You tell them to follow their dreams…do you do it yourself?

There’s one thing for sure – If you are in the place I have described, and you’re loosing faith in yourself and your dream, beginning to turn and look back, or just stuck and treading water…it’s time to make a change. Are you going to invest in yourself, and make up the money…or are you going to wait, and lose time that you can never, ever make up?

On the other hand – picture, for just a moment, your life having made this choice.

What do I want my life to be like?

What will it feel like, how different will it be, to know at such a deep level just what it is that is truly and deeply important to you, and to step forward to meet it? Picture waking up in the morning, with your mind already racing around what you will do today, because you are so excited about what you’re up to. Watch yourself spiral upward with the energy that comes with having people respond to your enthusiasm and positivity, your self-belief that in turn gives THEM self-belief. Hear what they’re saying to you, and hear what you are saying to yourself, as you move out of the space of not quite getting things done, into the space of finishing, appreciating, polishing, enjoying, sharing…laughing, loving and experiencing the joy that can really only come from living in the flow of life’s current. Get on the phone with one of your sisters from this program, and share your latest win…or your current challenge. Feel the power of sharing all of it, with someone else who’s on the same path.

Please trust me on one thing – almost NO ONE who is in this space, ready for this level of transformation, has the money to do this in their sock drawer. I know I didn’t, and I know that most of the people I work with don’t. Which is why I work so diligently to make absolutely sure that you get what you come for, and that long before we are through, you will join the ranks of people (below) saying – I am so, so glad I made this choice. It was not easy, I didn’t know how I was going to do it, really – but I knew I could NOT do it. That’s who I want to work with – a group of women in THAT space. The space where I was, the day I got done being sick of not knowing what I wanted, and even, really, who I was, in my own life.

Is it time for you to take back your life?

Once again, here’s the deal –

The early-bird special,

and the best value for this life-changing retreat is


Click to take this option

(I have to tell you, we’re going to be staying in an amazing place, eating amazing food, and my regular rate for regular coaching alone is between $750 and $1,000 a month, depending on the length of commitment – so I am really doing everything I can to make this a screaming deal that the right people can truly make work for themselves. I hope if that’s you, you are listening to yourself!)

As an option to make it as easy as possible for you, for a very limited time I am offering a five-pay option, at the much lower monthly charge of only


Click here for this option

Billed monthly for five months.


Here’s what some of my clients have to say about our work together:


What can I say – this turned my life around…
I was feeling so desperate and I really thought at times that I was going crazy before working with Scout.  I felt so stuck.
Since I began working with Scout I have found a level of acceptance of myself that I have never experienced before.  I now have tools to use that help me get back on track whenever I need them.  She has helped me to remember what I already know deep inside of me – what is really true for me.  Scout is reliable and honest and caring and she knows how to really get to the core of whatever is holding you back from being your best and most beautiful self.
Scout, I will be grateful to you for all of my life – my wonderful life that lies ahead of me, about which I am now excited and inspired.
– Deborah Wilson, Geelong, Australia


I’m looking forward to the future…
Although I knew that I am very good at what I do, frustration and repeated disappointment had taken away the passion I used to feel for the transformation I help my clients to make.  I was afraid of everything.  I knew that this was coming over to potential clients because business coaches repeatedly told me so and my results reflected this. I just didn’t know how or what to change.
My belief in myself and the transformational power of what I do has changed and I have been able to speak from the heart to prospective clients.  I know that I have already made a step change in how I feel about the possibilities that are flowing to me. I’m looking forward to the future.
Caroline Putus,  UK www.enjoyriding.com


I reconnected with a long ago Me and I’m happy to have her back!
I suffered a stroke, and took the message to be that if I didn’t find a safe place in my spirit to handle the particulars of my life, I would most probably have another stroke at sometime into the future.
Scout guided me through a process meant to engage the unconscious, challenge the dogmas, and complete the experience with a more integrated, authentic, empowered self-identity to replace the old model. I feel like I’ve just reconnected with a long-ago Me, and I’m happy to have Her back.
– Martha Donnelly, Virginia, USA


Prepare for the best journey of your life…
I would tell anyone considering work with Scout to be prepared for the best journey of their life. I think of what I found as the inner diamond, the part that doesn’t change and can’t be destroyed. It’s an inner diamond. And it’s there. It’s there. You just have to find your way to it.
– Laura Routledge, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I was getting in my own way and didn’t even know how…
I was getting in my own way but I didn’t even know what I was doing to do that. Working with Scout helped me look at everything totally differently, like one of those light bulbs on top of my head. For me, it was a realization. I totally understand now how to create situations for myself where I can be most successful because I understand how I’m wired on the inside.
– Jill Lane, Texas, USA


I am so grateful that I will no longer be wasting my life on self-recrimination
I first came to Scout because I was tired of beating myself up for any mistake that I made…now I find myself able to start new challenging projects that in the past I didn’t want to try because I might not complete them perfectly.  I heartily recommend working with Scout. Her kindness and enthusiasm for her work is a pleasure to work with. Even a century of life is short. I am so grateful that I will no longer be wasting mine on that self-recrimination.
Sarah Roubik, Hamilton, Montana. USA


I’ve included some photos of Ouray and a bit of writing about the cave, below.

May your path be clear, your feet light and nimble and your heart open, curious and loving.




Weisbaden Hot Springs, home of the Vapor Cave

The town of Ouray – a beautiful and charming destination

Want to read more about the Vapor Cave?

Caving In To The Heat

By Carrie Patrick
A handful of Colorado’s hot springs offer something different-a subterranean soak
To most homeowners, a basement pitted with tunnels and flooded with steaming water would be cause for alarm. To Linda Wright-Minter, it’s something she wouldn’t trade for millions-and that’s no throwaway phrase. As owner of the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Lodging, she has turned down offers from developers that are almost as jaw-dropping as the blast of heat that emanates from the caves beneath this small motel in Ouray, Colorado.
Colorado has dozens of hot springs, from large resorts down to anonymous riverbanks in the wilderness. Of all of them, though, only a handful offer the option of going underground-each in a markedly different way.

Wiesbaden Hot Springs, Ouray

From the outside, the Wiesbaden looks like any other small country guesthouse, harking back to a time when peace and quiet were more important than the latest bath fittings. On a late-October visit, rain pattered and pooled gently on the red wooden porch connecting the rooms. Soft and gray as the evening mist they emerged from, four wide-eyed and hesitant mule deer tiptoed delicately over a scatter of golden aspen leaves on the lawn. A sign in the office reminded guests to close the door so bears and skunks don’t get in.
If you’re not a regular here, the unassuming stairs beside the check-in desk might look like they descend to a basement rec room. Padding down in bare feet, swimsuit and towel, I pass through several dim rooms, mostly deserted-in the last, there’s a fantastically fit-looking older man doing a yoga headstand beside some plastic lawn chairs. Am I in the right place? Yoga Man sees me wavering on the brink of fleeing, like a mule deer that’s worried about how it looks in a swimsuit, and smilingly indicates a heavy steel door in the wall.
Behind it is another world.
If anything, I had expected a basic sauna or hot tub in a square-cut rock hollow. But the door opens into a long cave chamber, gloriously hot and pouring steam, where a hot waterfall floods over a beautiful formation of smooth brown flowstone that’s taller than me. The warm rock under my feet, while perfectly adequate for walking, isn’t leveled to the uniformity of a concrete sidewalk; the water puddles among shallow ridges and rockpools underfoot. Beyond the waterfall, a battered, arched wooden gate swings closed on the darkness behind. Someone is in there.
I splash through the hot water pooling around the base of the waterfall and peek around the gate. Oh, boy-and I thought it was hot in the first chamber. In fact, on the way back out, that “hot” waterfall will feel like an icy mountain stream.
Behind the gate are two smaller chambers, sharing the twilight of a single bulb and echoing with the drip and bubble of the hot spring that emanates from the far wall of the cave. Two girls sit on a wide stone bench in the steaming darkness, idly swishing their feet through puddles of water that feels flesh-meltingly hot when I try a touch-test.
I pass these hardy souls and enter the last chamber. This rough-hewn oval cave is almost entirely taken up by the soaking pool. A knee-high concrete border confines the constantly flowing hot water to bathtub depth before it makes its way out at the other end of the pool. Reflections dance on the low, craggy ceiling.
Silence is requested within the caves, but somehow the rule seems redundant-there’s something about this small, intimate underworld retreat that imposes its own silence on the visitor. The heat urges you to drowsiness, and the lap of water in darkness whispers, “Slow down … there’s time. For water and stone, there’s always time.”

Clear the Doubt, Follow Your Heart