Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training

EFT has been described as psychological accupuncture. To me, that's a pretty good description. The basic idea is that when an emotionally charged event happens, you often store the charge as a block in your energy system, and it acts like to a short-circuit. You can release these blocks by tapping in a specific way on specific meridiam points.

It is stunningly effective work, and has been used with great success for things like PTSD in veterans. I use it often, and find it very effective in releasing old anger, sadness or grief that may come up.

You can recognize that you are dealing with an old emotion if your emotional reaction is way out of proportion to the event that triggers it. If a person cuts you off in traffic, if a co-worker interrupts you, if your spouse is late to a dinner engagement…any one of these things might trigger a response that would be in the lower end of the emotional scale – maybe a 2 or 3 on a scale of 0-10. But if you find yourself reacting at a level 8 or 9 to an event like that – that's a good tip that you're not in the present moment. You are reacting to an old memeory of what that meant from some other time in your life.

EFT can help you realease that old emotion, so from this point forward you are able to deal with the experience in the present moment, instead of all that old pent-up emotion.


Basic EFT Training – the tapping points

Recorded description of how to use EFT:

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Click here to listen to the EFT training module from my Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare Program:



Click here to hear the "EFT for feeling like a fraud" example

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Remembering to use EFT

Believe it or not, about the hardest part of EFT is remembering to use it! To me, that is a sign of just how powerful it is. Here is a short conversation about what is up with that, and how to work around it.

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EFT Resources:

EFT_Flier This is a flier I created several years ago that has the tapping points illustrated

Gary Craig's site Gary Craig is the founder/developer of EFT. This site is loaded with great trainings, an amazing manual, etc. I highly recommend checking it out. I particulalry love his "personal peace proceedure" which takes a proactive stance to clearing out old energy blocks.

top tapping points  This is from Carol Look, a prominant EFT practitioner. Very good information.

http://eftuniverse.com/  This site has an excellent newsletter, which I encourage subscribing to.The thing I like about getting this newsletter is that for some reason, the biggest challenge for a lot of people I speak with is simply remembering to do it. So, when you subscribe to this newsletter you get great information – and you also get a reminder every couple of weeks that EFT exists a a tool.

Asking good questions This is a useful resource, to help you as you feel your way through all this.

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