Are you feeling the call to

Get more real

Be more authentic

Clear out the extraneous

Get down to what really matters?


You are NOT alone.

It is a world wide movement to become more conscious of our every choice, our every movement, our every breath.

To make it all matter, to make it all count.

To stop living unconsciously, being sucked in by old patterns and triggers that you're ready to let go of.

To wake up and be who you came here to be, do what you came here to do.


STOP feeling like there's something wrong with you

HEAR your true inner voice

VALUE your true self

EXPAND the limited image of what you’ve decided is “ok”  into the full and real expression of your authentic self.


Here is a note from a woman who came to me recently, determined to change her course – does this resonate with you?

"I have not yet been the person I came here to be, I was made to be.
I want to take more chances, try more new things, be bolder. I want to be more courageous.

I want to stop being timid. Even when I look courageous to other people, I know that in my heart, I am holding back.

I am tired of letting opportunities go by without grabbing them.

Like so many women, I put others ahead of me. I want to focus on me now.

I KNOW I have so much more to give when I do.

It’s now or never. I want it to be now."


When I read this raw, unedited statement, my heart fills to overflowing with several emotions – compassion and love, of course – and also frustration for what we have done as a culture, that has left so many amazing, powerful, beautiful, capable women feeling this way.


If you want to feel like you own your own life, that you are living according to what matters to you, in a loving and deeply meaningful way, please know:

  • You are not alone

  • The time is now

  • You are deeply supported

  • There is no more important work to be done in the world


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I am working for a world

filled with self-actualized people

who love themselves,

love each other,

love the earth,

and act accordingly.


Will you help me bring this vision to life? You can begin by reading my e-book and learning a new perspective on your life.


Trade in the conventional unconcious assumptions you carry for the deeper life wisdom that will truly serve everyone and everything in your life, including you.


Thank you. I appreciate you, and your presence, curiosity and willingness.




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Clear the Doubt, Follow Your Heart